Our Differences

These are characteristics that we believe differentiate Wealth Management Group, LLC from other financial services firms:



  • We work for you. We are not owned by nor are we a subsidiary of any other company.



  • Your portfolio will be custom designed to meet your specific needs considering your investment objectives, risk tolerance, cash flow needs and other factors you may specify.
  • You may place any reasonable restrictions on the management of your portfolio.
  • There are no long-term contracts. You may resign from our services at any time.
  • You may withdraw or add funds to your portfolio at any time.
  • Although we have a minimum recommended portfolio size, there is no minimum account size. So small accounts may be added to your portfolio and managed along with the larger accounts.



  • Your investments are placed with high quality, third-party custodians such as major brokerage firms, mutual fund companies and/or insurance companies.
  • Your investments are always held in accounts in your name. They are never comingled with the investments of any other investor.
  • In addition to our statements, you receive statements and confirmations directly from the custodians.


Competitive,Transparent Fees

  • We charge fees in arrears. We do not believe in charging for work we have not yet done.
  • We will never charge you an additional fee unless we get your prior consent.
  • We are not paid commissions on investments..



  • You get proactive and timely service.
  • You can personally meet with the professionals managing your portfolio four (or more) times a year at no additional cost.
  • With your consent, we will work directly with your attorney, CPA or other professionals to help implement your wealth management plan.
  • You may call any time you have questions about your personal finances.
  • We will either answer your questions or refer you to someone else who can.


Education and Experience

  • The President of our company has over 35 years of experience working with individual investors.
  • All of our senior staff members hold the Certified Financial Planner© designation.



  • In addition to investment management, we specialize in wealth protection, wealth enhancement and wealth transfer.
  • We have a disciplined approach to managing your portfolio that goes beyond just buying and selling stocks or picking mutual funds.
  • We use understandable, straight-forward strategies to help you meet your financial goals.
  • We have an educational style of presenting recommendations. We encourage you to ask questions.



  • We support the communities we serve.
  • Our associates are heavily involved in boards and committees of churches and other non-profit organizations.
  • Each year we donate many thousands of dollars worth of pro bono services to various non-profit organizations.



  • Our goal is to make your wealth work for you instead of you working for your wealth.
  • We help relieve the burden of wealth management so you have the freedom to do those things you really enjoy.
  • We believe there are things in life more important than money.


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